Isle of Man Business Network | Advantages of legalising cannabis on the Island debated at Isle of Man Business Network event
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Advantages of legalising cannabis on the Island debated at Isle of Man Business Network event

Advantages of legalising cannabis on the Island debated at Isle of Man Business Network event

A topical debate on the advantages of legalising cannabis on the Isle of Man was hosted on
Wednesday 6 November by the Isle of Man Business Network and event sponsors, ILS World.
Dr Alex Allinson MHK, proposed the motion, “This house believes that the economic and medical
advantages of legalising all strains of cannabis in the Isle of Man outweigh the social concerns”,
which was seconded by Dave Taggart, COO of Glycyx Therapeutics Limited.
The debate covered a variety of economic and medical advantages, including benefits of increasing
employment through industrial hemp production harvesting, reducing crime, to tourism
Dr Henrietta Ewart, Director of Public Health on the Isle of Man opposed the motion, which was
seconded by Dawn Henley, Public Health Strategist on the Island.
Dr Alex Allinson, said: “The debate was a great venue for exploring some of the more complex issue
around drug law reform in a mature environment and with very perceptive contributions from the
Dr Henrietta Ewart, summerised the topic on the night with the following: “This is an area that we
should start small and go slow, evaluating as we go, learning from the experiences of other
jurisdictions. “
Earlier this year the Isle of Man Government opened a consultation which focused on the medicinal
use of cannabis aimed at reducing the symptoms of medical conditions. The consultation received
3285 responses from both island residents and local organisations.
ILS World Chief Executive Officer, Chris Eaton said: “I would like to thank the panel, the audience and
those who asked questions and made comments for taking part as together they helped craft an
informed and measured debate. The evening highlighted many facts and it was clear any decisions
on cannabis reform are complex and for that reason having open conversations is beneficial. ILS
World has been teaming up with the IOM Business Network for a number of years to host an annual
debate and we are delighted so many people are attracted to listening to reasoned arguments that
showcase research, presentation and teamwork.”

Dearbhla Doyle Chair of IOMBN: “On behalf of the Isle of Man Business Network I would like to thank
Chris for expertly chairing the debate, all our speakers for the time they gave out of their week for
the debate and in particular to Kamille and ILS World for bringing the topic to our platform and
supporting the event.”
The event was hosted at the Palace Hotel & Casino and saw over 90 attendees join for the insightful


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