Isle of Man Business Network | About Us
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About Us

The Isle of Man Business Network is a not for profit organisation, run by volunteers. We provide members with an opportunity to meet like minded people and expand their network. We hold a variety of learning and networking events which encourage self-development through training, education and mutual support. Our events are available for people who work in any industry and to people at all stages of their careers.

The Isle of Man Business Network strive’s to provide our 200+ active members with high quality events relevant to current affairs; including regular informative seminars from local and international business leaders and members of Government. The events are also designed to encourage members to network with each other and use what they learn to enhance and develop their own professional career.

Membership is open to both Individuals and Corporate Firms who wish to keep up-to-date and involved in the Island’s constantly evolving business community; something considered more important than ever in the context of our changing economic environment.

There is no age restriction for members. We currently have members ranging in age from their twenties to seventies. All we ask is that you are passionate about business and commerce!

Monthly events and networking opportunities, for people in business on the Isle of Man.